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This Section is some useful programs I have written in AutoItv3, Visual Basic 2005 .NET, & Visual Basic 6.0.

They are mostly freeware, but donations are very much appreciated.

Thank You, and I hope you will enjoy my programs! :-D

Contents of Programs:

Name Numerology Calculator
IP Information Tool
Fibonnacci Sequence Generator
Phonebook Search Assistant
Copy-Paste Pro
Birthday Reminder Pro
DJ Auto Bot Remote Control
Camfrog Operator Tool 2
Camfrog Auto Advertiser / Inviter Bot
Temperature Conversion


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Name Numerology Calculator:

Name Numerology Calculator

 Generates numerical values for Names or strings of text, using multiple alpha-numerical algorithms; 100% Free; Try it.

Includes 64 & 32 bit versions.

Name Numerology Calculator: Version History
11/28/2013 - v1.0.0.10 - Added new algorithms Hebrew Conversion & Tarot. First Public Release.
11/25/2013 - v1.0.0.8 - Added new algorithms Prime Theory & New Prime Theory.
11/20/2013 - v1.0.0.0 - Idea and functional design. First Public Release.

Name Numerology Calculator
Downloaded: 19 times.


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IP Information Tool:

IP_Info_Screenshot_1 <---> IP_Info_Screenshot_2

  • Keeps track of LAN IP (local network) & WAN IP (internet).

  • Tooltip pop-up alerts to changes.

  • Right click options to quick copy either IP to the clipboard for easy pasting elsewhere.

  • Logs both IPs to a file for history analysis.

  • Great for people with dynamic internet connections who run security cameras or local servers (FTP, Website, Mail, etc.).

  • 100% Free; Try it.


Includes 64 & 32 bit versions.

IP Information Tool: Version History
11/28/2013 - v0.1.2.13 - First Public Release.
08/10/2013 - v0.0.0.1 - Idea and functional design.

IP Information Tool
Downloaded: 28 times.


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Fibonnacci Sequence Generator:

Fibonnacci Sequence Generator

 Generates the Fibonnacci Sequence; 100% Free; Try it.

Includes 64 & 32 bit versions.

Fibonnacci Sequence Generator: Version History
07/27/2012 - v1.0.0.4 - Idea and functional design. First Public Release.

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Fibonnacci Sequence Generator
Downloaded: 54 times.


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Updated for Windows 7 & Vista

RiCK's Phonebook Search Assistant 2.0:

 The power of the white pages on your desktop!


Reverse directory searching, reverse address searching. and people searching, all with the ease of a desktop application.
No browsers opening and no pages to navigate, gets a reply in its own window.


Phonebook Search Assistant: Version History
06/30/2010 - v2.0 - Updated for Windows 7, and Windows Vista
07/27/2008 - v1.0 - First Public Release!

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Phonebook Search Assistant
Downloaded: 250 times.

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Copy-Paste Pro:

 Tired of only being able to copy & paste one line of text at a time?
Then this program is for you!!
With Copy-Paste Pro you can independently copy and paste up to 20 separate lines of text at a time.
Each clip is stored to a hotkey for immediate or later use. Even after a reboot.

So who needs Copy-Paste Pro?

Business Professionals, College Students, Gamers, Anyone who fills in forms, or needs to use the same text more than once.
Time is money, so save time & money with Copy-Paste Pro!

Copy-Paste Pro: Version History
04/24/2008 - v3.0 ....... - Added 10 more hot keys [total of 20] with (Ctrl + <any number or numberpad key 0-9>, & Win +<any number or numberpad key 0-9>).
...........................................Code and design improvements.
11/19/2006 - v2.1.0.13 - Added Multi-User support for multiple accounts on one machine, so each person can have their own clips stored.
11/10/2006 - v2.0.0.6 . - Added Laptop support, for computers with no NUMPAD, can now use the standard number keys instead.
09/20/2006 - v1.2.3.4 . - Added the ability to view/pre-view your saved clips with the HotClips Viewer by pressing Win + Esc.
08/30/2006 - v1.2.3 .... - Launched on website. Design Improvements, Now saves your clipboard data between uses, even if you turn your computer off.
08/29/2006 - v1.1.5 .... - First Public Release.
08/25/2006 - v1.0 ....... - Idea and functional design.

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Copy-Paste Pro
Downloaded: 534 times.

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Birthday Reminder Pro:

Why do you need Birthday Reminder Pro?
Because It's worth $10 bucks to never miss a loved ones or friends birthday ever again!

Birthday Reminder Pro will allow you to simply create a database of all your family and friend's birth dates and will alert you in advance so you have time to buy them a gift or a card, and will also remind you the exact day of the birthday, in case you still forgot and now you have time to give them a phone call at least! :-D

Birthday Reminder Pro: Version History
12/01/2006 - v1.5.0.106 - Fixed a bug for reminders using a single digit, now prefix single digits with a zero, like 01.
11/21/2006 - v1.5.0.105 - Updated reminders to include a one week reminder in addition to the 2 day, 1 day, and day of reminders.
11/20/2006 - v1.5.0.104 - First Public Release.

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Birthday Reminder Pro
Downloaded: 260 times.

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DJ Auto Bot Remote Control (deprecated) :

A remote control tool to make sending commands to the DJ Auto Bot in the "Music Chat" room easier.

(Its like a TV remote for the DJ Auto Bot)


DJ Auto Bot Remote Control: Version History
12/20/2008 - v2.2 - Weather/Temperature !Temp function.
12/01/2008 - v2.1 - 1 new radio options, !Name.
11/29/2008 - v2.0 - 2 new radio options, !Wiki, and !Rhyme.
11/17/2008 - v1.9 - Added Joke, Cuddle, Kiss, and reorganized the buttons.
10/18/2008 - v1.8 - 3 new radio options, !Define, !UrbanDefine, and !SpellCheck.
09/29/2008 - v1.7 - Added minimize to tray, and 4th alternate config option.
09/26/2008 - v1.6 - Added Secret Encoder, for encrypted chat.
08/25/2008 - v1.5 - Added lots of new buttons.
08/05/2008 - v1.4 - Added /away & /afk feature.
07/24/2008 - v1.3 - Added Update button.
07/09/2008 - v1.2 - Added Yes and No buttons.
07/06/2008 - v1.1 - Updated for the new DJ Auto Bot 0.2!
07/06/2008 - v1.0 - More buttons, New functions, and Quick & Easy Config!
06/24/2008 - v0.1h - Added !Math function, Enter key to send, changing descriptive label, and return mouse.
06/20/2008 - v0.1g - Grouped radio option buttons with input box to help avoid confusion.
06/20/2008 - v0.1f - Added a Clear button. Made X (close) button work.
06/19/2008 - v0.1e - Added more buttons.
06/19/2008 - v0.1d - Added new buttons, and changed config settings.
06/18/2008 - v0.1c - Redesigned interface. Less clutter.
06/17/2008 - v0.1b - Added more user configurable coordinates.
06/17/2008 - v0.1 - First beta release.

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

DJ Auto Bot Remote Control
Downloaded: 663 times.

Please donate via PayPal to support DJ Auto Bot & Music Chat!:


To use: download "" to your desktop (or a suitable place you can remember), and extract all the contents of "" to your desktop, or a sub folder on your desktop (or a suitable folder you can remember). Then please read the "ReadMe, HELP & FAQ.txt". If you still don't understand, please read it again, or several times, until it makes sense. Please do not question the author (RiCK) with questions like how do I use it, because this has already been explained if you read the documents I already spent much time writing. Thank you.

NOTE: If DJ Auto Bot Remote Control does not automatically work on first load, please click one of the Alternate Configurations: (Config 1, Config 2, Config 3) at the bottom of the program!

Experienced users may also manually edit the "DJ Auto Bot Remote Control.ini" file in notepad.

Use these by opening the DJ Auto Bot Remote Control.ini file and changing the values of the variables x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, and y3 respectively. Then save the DJ Auto Bot Remote Control.ini file, and close and reopen DJ Auto Bot Remote Control.

NOTE: An .ini file is just a simple text file that contains setting information, it should automatically open in notepad.exe, if it doesn't any text editor will do.


common configuration settings
Config 1 Default configuration "DJ Auto Bot Remote Control.ini" x1=920 , y1=25 , x2=660 , y2=633 , x3=699 , y3=632
Config 1 Firefox 3 on Windows Vista see above.
Config 2 Firefox 3 on Windows XP x1=920 , y1=25 , x2=657 , y2=657 , x3=694 , y3=656
Config 3 old default Firefox 2 config x1=920 , y1=25 , x2=656 , y2=608 , x3=701 , y3=609


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Camfrog Operator Tool 2 (deprecated):

Screenshot1 Screenshot2

This program is an op tool designed for use with the 3rd party software Camfrog Video Chat (owned by CamShare LLC). It was created to provide an easy method for accessing all the available room operator commands, over 50+ functions, simply at the press of a button. With the Added Camfrog Operator Tool only, Special Feature "Auto Mic Clicker", which will automatically click the microphone hands free button for you at any specified interval, so you can play songs without those annoying interruptions! :-D

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Camfrog Operator Tool 2
Downloaded: 1858 times.

NOTE: Since this program is written in Visual Basic 2005, which runs on the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework, you may also have to download and install this package from the Microsoft web site, If you do not already have it installed.

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Camfrog Auto Advertiser/Inviter Bot (deprecated):

This program will automatically advertise or invite for you on Camfrog. You can configure it to send any message you choose.

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Camfrog Auto Advertiser/Inviter Bot
Downloaded: 1585 times.


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Temperature Conversion:

This program is a very simple application to easily convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius/Centigrade temperatures.
It's not the prettiest thing, but it does the job well. It was one of the first programs I ever wrote.

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Temperature Conversion
Downloaded: 385 times.


NOTE: Since this program is written in Visual Basic 6, you may also have to download and install the VB6Runtime package from the Microsoft web site, If you do not already have it installed.

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